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The live version includes your own personal Safety Coach to guide you through the entirety of the course. All the same great content, with customized expert advice every step of the way.

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Intro to ERP Training

What to expect in the               course

  • Customized answers to your unique organization
  • ERP Manual Improvement
  • Expert Instructional Videos
  • Customized report with recommendations for improvement
  • Detailed Checklists and Worksheets
  • Full Transcripts and Resource Links
Certificate of Completion
Recognized by all industry leading audit and regulatory organizations to satisfy ERP training requirements

How does it work?

Enroll in ERP Training

Assemble your team and engage them from the start of the process.  Training with your live Safety Coach will be completed online as a recorded session with your entire organization.

Complete Training with Live Safety Coach

Develop, enhance and refine your processes with live Coach throughout your training. Your Safety Coach will become familiar with your ERP Manual prior to the live session to provide a customized training approach.

Receive your ERP Certificate

Your organization can demonstrate its professionalism and preparations to auditors, insurers, and customers by completing this world-class program.

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Learn how to assemble and improve the contents of an ERP Manual that can, quite literally, “save the day” in the event of an actual emergency response and speed your organization’s return to normal operations.
  • 2
    We will guide you in the assembly and training of your emergency response team, including members from within and outside your flight organization.
  • 3
    We hope that you and your organization never need to be a party to an accident investigation, but we’re here to make sure that you’re ready if the worst happens.

Who is this course for?

For Team Leaders

  • Flexible training solutions for in-person, individually assigned or online team training
  • Significantly reduce time by having a solution that is instant, challenging and driven to help your team problem solve
  • Gather flight department members and build knowledge together
  • Boost familiarity with company manuals and processes
  • Gain valuable insight on areas of improvement

For Individuals

  • Avoid becoming complacent with your skills
  • Engage in learning that is relevant, effective and inspiring
  • Identify inefficient processes that can hold you back and gain confidence with real world problem solving
  • Blended learning options to maximize team and individual study practices
  • Return to the training program free of charge up to 6 months after purchase

Businesses trust Aviation Safety Solutions to train their team!

Recognized by these industry-leading partners:
"I thought the ERP training was very thorough and provided a fantastic base for understanding the purpose,  importance, elements involved and steps to follow when either developing and preparing a new ERP or reviewing your existing ERP.  The training also works well as a refresher for an ERP as well.  Would definitely recommend as a refresher for anyone who needs it.

Following up the training with the ERP exercise was great to put it all into play using a guided exercise / scenario.  The exercise was great in that it was self-paced and let our team stop at certain times to review and discuss areas we needed to discuss further,  make notes for changes or even further role play within the scenario.  

Thank you for putting this training and exercise together Amanda!  Very helpful in assisting us in our process!  The training followed on by the exercise really worked perfect for what we needed!"
Director of Operations
"We are an IS-BAO Stage III organization and have run many ERP training sessions and tabletops.  

This is the best training course in our industry to really work on areas of improvement.  

Thanks for a great experience!"
Safety Officer
Fortune 200 Company
“Our entire team felt that utilizing Aviation Safety Solutions for our ERP training needs was an excellent decision. The training program helped every team member in our operation to have a better understanding of the fundamentals of ERP's, increased knowledge in ERP application, and a feeling that we could each contribute effectively should we have to activate our ERP. The course is well organized, informative, and presented in a way that was easy to understand for all levels and team members of our organization. I highly recommend Aviation Safety Solutions to peers for their ERP training needs.”
Director of Aviation
Fortune 300 Company

Company Pricing Packages

Live Company Emergency Response Training

This price includes a live Safety Coach to walk you through ERP training.  

Included in this package is ERP gap analysis of the operator’s manual, a 1 ½ hour training session with a Safety Coach and certificates for all participants from the company.

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Live Company Emergency Response Training and Exercise Bundle

With this purchase, you will receive a live Safety Coach to provide instruction on both the Emergency Response Training and Emergency Response - Aircraft Accident Tabletop

This course will allows up to 50 individuals in the same company full access to the course with individual certificates.

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About Aviation Safety Solutions

  • Development of the new IS-BAO FS1 small operator program
  • Conducts training and standardization of new Progressive / FS1 auditors around the world
  • IBAC Preferred Provider  
  • First credentialed Progressive Stage 3 auditor and FS1 Implementer / Auditor  
  • FAA Part 5 SMS Implementer / Consultant  
  • Recipient of 2016 Tony Kern Professionalism in Aviation Award
  • G550 / G450 International Captain
  • Developer of industry-first online and on-demand ERP Exercise Program

Amanda works with some of the largest Fortune companies, Part 91 and Part 135 flight organizations in the world as a consultant, SMS implementer, and auditor.

Aviation Safety Solutions, LLC was formed in 2012 by Amanda Ferraro.  Amanda noticed a need for mentorship and partnering with operators in the industry to help them understand IS-BAO and the auditing process.  Early in her career she was involved with preparing several Fortune 500 companies for stage audits and realized the importance of having someone to answer questions, share expertise, and be a mentor in the industry.   Amanda took her passion and became an accredited aviation auditor with IBAC in 2013.  Amanda believes the audit process should provide value and insight for every operator.  She treats her clients as a partnership in the industry and believes achieving higher standards together yields better results.

Open new doors...

We are in the final stages of development for the IS-BAO Protocol Standardization Training Courses.

These courses are developed in partnership with IBAC and prepare each protocol in an easy to understand format.

This is a must for any Safety Manager in a flight department or organization. Stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I receive for completing the course?

You will receive a certificate of online training course completion. This is accepted by all auditing and standard setting entities for ERP training.

Does this course offer NBAA CAM credits?

Yes!  The ERP Training program counts as ¼ point towards recertification and the ERP Exercise – Aircraft Accident counts as ¼ point towards recertification.

Will the training session be recorded so we can review it later?

Yes!  Your Safety Coach will record the training session so you can view it at a later date.

Who should take this training?

Flight departments team members, aircraft operator employees, business executives, interfacing corporate employees that are involved in the aviation emergency response plan and industry vendors that provide support to operators.

How long does the course take?

The operator should plan for 2 hours. The course content is 60 minutes total, however, maximum benefit will be achieved by having team discussions, manual review and visiting hyperlinks throughout in the presentation for additional content.

Does an operator need an Emergency Response manual to take the course?

It is highly recommended for the operator to take the course with access to the current emergency response manual and plan. In many areas of the training program the student is asked to review portions of the manual to become familiar and ensure vital information is not missing.

How do I get started?

Purchase the training package of your choice located in the Company Pricing Packages section.  All major credit cards are accepted (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express), PayPal or the operator can request an invoice from Aviation Safety Solutions.  Once the course is paid in full the operator will coordinate with the assigned Safety Coach to start the manual review process.  The Coach will work on scheduling the operator for training based on availability.  Let our team handle the rest!

Do you offer this course online instead of live instruction?

Yes!  See this page for further details.

Still have more questions?

We would love to hear from you. You can email [email protected] and we get back to you shortly.